Arsenal Fight Hard But Lose Again.


January 20, 2013 by pablo8412


Well another match day comes and goes with Arsenal dropping yet more points despite a spirited second half display.

It was very much a game of two halves today at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea taking the lead from a well taken Mata goal just seconds after Giroud had a great chance to give the lead to the gunners.

It wasn’t long after Lampard put the blues two up from the penalty spot with Ramires making the most of Szczesny’s save attempt.

Chelsea could’ve ultimately scored as many as they wanted in the remaining first half time but Arsenal held out hoping for inspiration from Wenger.

Arsenal came out early for the second half raring to go and it was a sign of things to come as Chelsea spent alot of their time holding Arsenal back but Walcott gave the fans hope in the 58th minute with a fine finish.

It proved to be just out of Arsenals reach to gain a second goal and save a draw which has put them in a unwanted distance from the top four.

So what now?? Chelsea are pushing on and probably find themselves safely in third with an unlikely chance of climbing higher….

Arsenal on the other hand will wonder when they can kick start their season with the fixture list not getting any easier.

As a fan I am worried.



One thought on “Arsenal Fight Hard But Lose Again.

  1. I am worried aswell. Having watched the match, the only two players that impressed me at all were Wilshere and Vermaelen. How are we going to get in the top 4 again if we keep dropping points against teams that we should be able to compete against?

    It is disappointing, especially since we dominated the second half, but we struggled to play football for 45 minutes and only wake up when we are losing. This needs to stop, and Wenger needs to spend some money in the transfer window if we are to stay in the Cl.

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